15 Strategies for Talent Impact in 2017

At CEB, we have been analyzing how frequently CEOs talk about talent during earnings calls. Since 2010, the number of times a CEO has discussed talent management strategies during earnings calls has increased by 36%. This increased focus puts pressure on HR executives to not only play a historic role advocating for the workforce but to also improve their effectiveness at being an advisor to the CEO and board.
Just as the focus on talent has increased in the C-suite, the way work gets done has massively evolved. HR executives are driving their organizations to be more collaborative and cross-functional. New artificial intelligence tools, robotics, and other technologies are fundamentally changing what most jobs look like and how they are done. The gig economy is causing employees and employers to revisit and redefine the very nature of the employment relationship.
In this environment of increased importance of talent and massive disruption, HR executives are making bets about how to deploy resources, budget, technology, and staff in 2017. We have surveyed over 300 HR executives to understand those bets. This resource combines those trends with the insights and tools we have collected. We hope it serves to offer strategic advice and guidance about how to make sure those investments have the highest ROI.
We look forward to continuing to bring you powerful insights in these and other areas throughout 2017.

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